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Default Re: The detail of Devil May Cry PC Demo

Originally Posted by Eliminator View Post
just tried the demo.... impressive... well optimised game with fun gameplay and some neat gfx... i was averaging 70-90 FPS at 1920x1200 4xAA options on super high... i tried both DX10 and DX9 under vista and XP... DX9 ran about the same on both OS... DX10 was a bit slower (15-30%)... i did not notice any visual improvements in DX10 vs DX9... issues i noticed were no rumble support for my gamepad (rumblepad 2) and DX10 i couldnt select 1920x1200 only 1920x1080 was the highest

EDIT: using 174.74 in XP and 175.12 in Vista 64bit
You have pretty much the same main computer components as me and I can't select my native resolution either of 1680x1050 in DX10. Only a little lower. I can get it in DX9 though.
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