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I don't think so. They only thing they tried was Doom3 like shadows which they failed at. Besides Doom3 was built around features that the orignal GF1 had according to JC. Yes it has a few DX9 stuff but by large its not a true DX9 style of game.
Well I think it'll be as "DX9" as alot of DX9 games. The majority of DX9 titles will merely use it for better more precise lighting, and surface algorithms, which is exactly what doom3 does on high end cards anyway.

The shadow technology (albeit double sided stenciling, UltraShadow) has been around since TNT days, its nothing new.

I dissagree here. JC said on more than one occasion he would drop the NV30 code path if the NV3x perfromed better on the ARB2 path.
I dont remember seeing that, but I think it's pretty much concluded that the ARB path will not be as fast as the NV path on the 5800, or 5900. So I doubt it will get dropped.
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