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Default Re: The detail of Devil May Cry PC Demo

Not liking it.
I'm no console gamer but the controls are off for me
and the complete disregard of integrating REAL pc control techniques
just turned me off.
OH and for anyone having install issues with XP64, start the install, then when you get the admin rights error message - dont click OK. Navigate to your Temp Directory under documents and settings\USER NAME\Local Settings\Temp you will find a directory created just now that has the DevilMayCry4Trial.msi. Copy the contents of that folder onto your desktop and ethn click ok on the error message.
Now run the setup directly from the desktop, it should install fine. Apparently many Demo installs don't check for admin rights on sub-processes and get theses errors (or something of the sort).
I hear Mass Effect is good, SO i might try that.
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