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Default Re: 173.14.05 with Option Rotate crash

Originally Posted by SamZ View Post
Application running FreeBSD 7.0, nvidia 173.14.05

If Option "Rotate" "CW" is included in the xorg.conf, X windows runs vertically as it should.

Application crashers out of X at SDL_GL_SwapBuffers

If no Option "Rotate" is used, everything is fine.

Any ideas?
Same here with FreeBSD 6.2. Seems like we are doing quite similar things (embedded, freebsd, opengl). May I suggest something?

Do not to use driver rotation as it can actually be quite expensive (depending on the bottleneck of the app of course). While I thought it would just cause a fixed addition to the frame time this is not the case. The more stuff we rendered the more time was required to rotate the image by the driver.

Implement rotation support in the app when possible by applying a rotation to the camera matrix as it's almost for free and causes less problems.

Furthermore you will get much better support by becoming a registered developer and submitting a good bug report directly to nvidia. This way you stay informed about the bugs life cycle and driver developers can contact you in case of questions.
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