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Default Re: Free Return to EQ and EQ2

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345 View Post
EQ1 is crap if you play it now..

Brain has the power of only remembering the good things and all the fun.
If EQ1 is so good why arent you guys playing it now? if its the best mmorpg ever? its still running go and play it then...

Its because in todays standards its completely crap.
No, it's because they changed the gameplay radically from what it once was. When Verant was still in control it was great. Kunark change much. Luclin changed a lot, and that's when the downfall happened. Nerfs after nerfs. They took away the purpose for certain class abilities like Druid's teleports (plane of knowledge, I believe). I didn't like the bazaar, WC was way more fun! They also made the game way easier, and caved into dumb fan demands.

So, when it was new, yes it was better than anything today.
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