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Default Re: Sig Images. Yay or nay?

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Well if someone wants to ask questions regarding hardware then they can post their system specs. Not like most noobs who ask the hardware questions bother posting their specs in their sig or the post anyway...
I'm not a noob, I ask alot of hardware/software questions and I would find it very inconvenient to post my specs only in related threads. If anyone finds a few simple lines of data at the bottom of my posts annoying, then it is their problem, not mine. I find the content of some posts far more annoying, but I don't complain.

EDIT: The primary reason that I find signaturebar images annoying, is because I only have a dialup connection, and they significantly slow down page loading. Most signaturebars have print so small that I can't read them anyway.
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