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Default Re: NVidia and XRandR 1.2

Originally Posted by tconnors View Post
And it would probably be less buggy than twinview. Right now, I'm struggling to find out why the hell twinview is treating it as if I had turned off ConstantDPI. I plug in a second monitor and get nvidia-settings to add it (that's another thing xrandr will do much better - I'll be able to script it instead of having to manually use some crappy GUI), the number of pixels go up, but as opposed to Appendix B, the screen dimensions don't change, and hence the DPI goes up to something stupid like 256x128, and all my fonts and movies become squashed.
I don't really need it so much, even KDE 3.5.9 screen config window still doesn't support XRandR 1.2. But I would like it because of the "PreferredMode" xorg.conf option.
Right now by default it starts with the max available resolution... but that resolution on my computer is also 60Hz, so I preffer a lower 1024x768 resolution at 85Hz. And right now to make it start at 1024x768 I need to completly remove support for higher resolutions... that I don't want for my desktop, but perhaps I want them for other things.
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