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Originally posted by azanon
Brand recognition doesnt die overnight. It took 3dfx a good 2 years to actually eat it, from the initial point of them getting handed their ass. You ask too much of ATI.
I don't think he ask too much of ATI.
This is the proof that all those bull**** some fanboys were telling - NV loosing marketshare bla.... is nothing but plain wrong.

I stated about 100times that it needs Nvidia about 3 to 5 months to be the absolut DX9 market leader.
All what happened before with R300 in 2002 at this point is not of relevance any more. Its history.
Nvidia is back in the game - very big if you ask me.

ATI made a pretty serious mistake with their 9200 line and they are going to pay for it in the long run. I expect that Nvidia will gain more DX9 market share than what their overall graphics chipset market share in the desktop space is as long as ATI is not competitive in the low end.

They have the enthusiast crown. They are not going to let ATI do a one man show with R360. They are vastly superiour in the high volume low end and they are doing fine in the mainstream.

ATI can't sell enough mainstream parts (RV350) to gain market share.
I still remember Huang saying in a conference call,
"well they can sell RV350 if they think they can make enough of them". And he was laughing a littlebit and i know why.

Nvidia is customer No1 @ TSMC and of course customer No1 gets better prices and more capacity.
You can see the result with the Radeon9800SE.
They don't sell that product because they don't wanna throw all those R350s with minor problems away. They sell that 115 mio transistor part in the mainstream segment because they can't make enough RV350s. No matter if these parts have minor problems but that is not the cheapest way and it won't help.
They will not have enough capacity anytime soon.

Pretty bad for ATI that they could not profit more from their 9 month lead. I haven't seen any semiconductor company gaining so little with such a massiv product line lead.
Even AMD did better in their Thunderbird times.

Reason are 2 big mistakes. No mainstream part when R300 was launched. 9500 and pro were not mainstream considering the die which was sold in that segment.
No DX9 in the low end.
No one really is going to buy a RV280 if he can get a NV34 at the same or lower price.
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