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I tried modprobe NVdriver. the driver in effects loads after that, but the X server won't start anyway.

So i got the .rpms and installed them. no problem everything installed properly or so it seemed.

unfortunately I had the same problem on reboot. no X.

The log file says "can't load module NVdriver. can't locate module" or something like that.

NVdriver IS in /lib/modules/(etc etc)/video, so I don't know why is this.

Where is that the system makes the connection between the module name "nvidia" I put in the XConfig file and the real file name "NVdriver"? Could it be that the system someway thinks that the module is in a different location? Or is that message a "catch-all" error?

Hope someone can help me!!

Just another question I was abuot to forget: when I compiled the drivers self-handedly, should I put myself the newly compilde NVdriver in /lib/modules/(blah blah)/video or was it done automatically by "make install"?

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