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Default Need advice on speakers for my floating wood floor

Hey guys,

I have a budget of cca. $1500 to spend on the Pioneer VSX 817 receiver and a set of 5.1 speakers to go with it into this room (20m2):

Problem is, we have switched from carpet to floating wooden floor as you can see in the pic. Currently I'm using the Logitech Z-5400 5.1 speakers and although these sounded fairly well on the carpet (I know some audiofils are ROTFLMAOing right now), now it's just an awful reverbated mess.

Can anyone advise me a good ~$1000 5.1 speaker setup that will sound good in this kind of room? Doesn't have to be a set, can be separate speaker models/manufacturers.

I'm quite a noob at this, don't even know whether to go for speaker stands or wall mounts or tower speakers... no idea which would sound better in this accoustics environment.

Usage is 60%music/40% DVD movies.

Many thanks for your input!
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