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Default Notorius BTTV hang with NForce2 mobo


I have an ugly system lockup with BTTV on Pinnacle PCTV Rave (bttv 878) + Abit NF7 mobo (nforce2).

I tried everything:

* removing all cards but the tv-tuner, than moving the card into all of the PCI slots.
* configuring irqs,so it wont share irq with nothing (using biosirq, not acpi)

* newest 0.7, 0.9 bttv driver
* kernel 2.4.21

* using -noxv param in XawTV
* using zapping tv viewer

* using nvidia's driver newest, or older drivers.
* using simple nv driver provided with X

Nothing helped. It hangs and hangs and hangs!!! Sh*t!

Any ideas what to do? Experience? Almost anything is welcome.

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