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Default Re: linux makes me masochistic

Originally Posted by Fackamato View Post
How can you be so ignorant? If Linux would be everyone's OS, "no one" would know Windows, and would be told to RTFM. So it (would) go both ways.

Of course it's a legitimate answer many times.

Linux is free. No one messes with my PC, it's MINE. DRM prevents you from playing back your files on whatever you want. Windows is married with DRM down hard.. no way I'm putting Vista on my PC ever. I'll be on Linux (and happy because everything just works out of the box, no need to fiddle with warez and extra programs to do stuff) until Windows 7, and then see if that's worth "getting".

You've never tried to get SLi working with the GF8+ series, have you? So much for "Linux" working out of the box...

Though, I must add, for every *other* piece of hardware in my rig it was detected instantly and worked flawlessly. The only issue I ever had was getting the drivers for my GF8 cards and SLi to work properly.
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