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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

June looks to be a good month if you've got some money to spend. F-16, Swiss Pro X, Boeing 377....

Originally Posted by A2A Simulations
The Co-pilot shouts out "Easy on the throttles!" as I push them too much, the engineers in my ear about high temps and were still falling, number three's out and were trailing smoke, I've sweat dripping from my head, its in my eyes, squinting I can make out the runway. But its too late, the speed is low and I think I'm stalling, the co-pilot calls out the altitude, and the last thing before the black screen is a scream as the passengers look out of the window.

...I should have read the manual. I didn't program any failures for this flight....

...How real does it get? Find out soon.

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