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Default Re: Sig Images. Yay or nay?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I've had dozens of PMs over the years from new users who saw my sig and had questions about a similar system. Several of them have become every-day members.
I would agree completely. I've seen other people with similar setups and I can ask them questions about their computer setups if I'm having an issue with something. It also makes it a lot easier for someone to offer advice when everything you have is on display. I've looked up the manuals for peoples boards multiple times to figure out where certain bios settings were.

A good example I can think of has been power supplies. The 8800GTX cards have really brought in a larger concern for the power supply the computer is using. Being able to see what power supply someone is using as well as all of the other devices it is running makes it easier to troubleshoot issues if it was being caused by a weak powersupply.
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