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Unhappy Re: Problem with Widescreen Monitor and 4:3 resolutions

I'm having the same issues, but only with one resolution on my notebook. It's an Acer
Aspire 5520 running a GeForce 7000M + nForce 610M integrated graphics.

Originally Posted by pe1chl View Post

1. the card outputs a 16:9 aspect ratio. E.g. a resolution of 1280x720. the monitor will display it fullscreen and the game, being 4:3, uses only the center part of this area leaving black bars on the side. Problem of the game when it cannot do this.
In my case, the panel is the laptop panel that has no external adjustments and is connected
by internal DVI. According to the EDID (via starting X with "--logverbose=6") the panel is
"dumb" and doesn't do scaling on its own, relying on the GPU to handle everything.

So here's what's weird: at 1024x768 and 800x600 the display scales just fine and squashes
the image to the 16x10 aspect ratio (native resolution is 1280x800). But at 640x480 the
vertical is NOT squashed so that, while the top is there, the bottom "falls off" the screen.
Horizontal remains fine at these standard resolutions. But trying to use, say, 640x400 or
800x500 (or whatever a 16x10 resolution is at 800 horiz.) results in a mangled display or no
display at all, so that doesn't work either.

Originally Posted by pe1chl View Post

With DVI there are scaling options in the signal that can direct the monitor to do the correct scaling. With VGA there aren't, except for the sync polarity. So the connection of the monitor device really affects this, even when you don't believe it.
The scaling should be configurable in the monitor when you want complete control, like in a TV set.
Unless that monitor is a dumb laptop monitor with no controls or built-in scaling, as I
mentioned. What do you do THEN?

BTW, I've tried "nvidia-settings" with all 3 scaling settings. "Stretch" yields the results I
mentioned above. "Centered" with n-s running apparently centers it in the wrong place or
something because I seemingly have no video at all. And "Aspect" results in a screen that's
badly mis-scanned (like an overscanned CRT image with parts of an image overlaying other
parts and the edges in the middle).

Oh, yes, and I'm running the latest stable driver with kernel Other than this
problem everything works great and is rock-solid, which is why I think either the GPU
itself doesn't support scaling at that low resolution (but then why did it work in vista?) or
something is missing from the driver that appears in NVidia's windows drivers. Or, of course,
I'm missing some vital but obscure X config var!

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