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Default Re: GTX280 CRYSIS 1920*1200 VH Average FPS Reached to 36.81!

Originally Posted by Dreamingawake View Post
I dunno but I'm seriously NOT going to be spending any more money anytime soon.

A couple of 8800's in SLI, or a GX2 will do for the time being.

Seriously people, it's literally ridiculous how much they charge for this crap,
and it's hardly going to make any difference.

Don't buy it !! Being patient never hurt.

I dunno how we lucked out so well with the 8800's but we did. I'm confident
they'll last another year.
Probably....but the gtx 260/280 is in a complete different league here. I am more curious to see how ATi will do with there cares...there price is defiantly alot lower than nvidia...but i am curious on the performance..
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