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Default Re: vBulletin 3.7.1 Upgrade

MikeC, I found another image problem, besides the SigPic thing. It's the avatars. Before the upgrade, you couldn't upload an avatar larger than 19.5KB, it would simply give you a message about it being too large of a file. Well, now it does the same thing as the SigPics, it automatically reduces the quality if the image is too big.

So, maybe something needs to be set where the avatars and sigpics both reject images that are larger than the allowed size. Here are my recommendations;

Avatars: 100x100 @ 20KB
SigPics: 500x100 @ 40KB

EDIT: Got my SigPic under 19KB, so that seems okay. I guess [you] can disregard the file size limits, but maybe still looking into the rejecting too large of file thingy.
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