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The more i read this thread the more i see that most of you dont understand what the *reported* information is saying.

In Q2 Nvidia *SHIPPED* 60% of the Dx9 hardware. Which makes sense, they are really driving a lot of Dx9 Product and the lower end ATi cards are DX8.1 Not DX9.

But if this same information would have been presented over the last 2 Quarters with the same obvious *Spin* it is now, then ATi would have shipped 100%, and 99% of DX9 hardware. Does that mean then that Ati gained 60% or 99% of the market share?? NO, it means they *SHIPPED* that % of that type of hardware.

Also, You guys are completely ignoring the statement where the guy says Nvidia last Quarter was FLAT.

None of these statements have anything to do with actual Marketshare.
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