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Default Why do i get ganked?

Ok im a lvl 29 ranger, i was going about my business when i get attacked by a lvl 23 fella(dont know the character type/race ect but he had a club) .. anyway i amlost take him out then he uses magic to regenerate his health! ... so this leaves me with under half a health bar and him back with a full health bar, if i didn't turn and run then hide he would have killed me even though i nearly had him the first time until he regenerated his health! ... how am i supposed to beat a guy who can do this?

Anybody got any pvp tips/advice to help me here? am i using my combos/feats wrong? love the game just 90% of the time i get beat in a pvp battle!

What are the best feats & combos to have as a ranger? ... can i unlock more combos are do they only come with lvl ups?

Please i need help!
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