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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I don't want to go healer...
If you want melee then barbarian is where it is at. They put out as much if not more damage than assasins and have a bit more survivability.

HoX is a broken class. Stay away from them.

Necros are fun but you die A LOT because you have a long cool down on your pet's taunt ability and even siphon life doesn't help much. Also when you rez from dying you have at least 20 seconds or more of buffs to put on and pets to rez. It is a joke.

Barbarians are easy. You stealth in as close as possible and blast them with combos. They are not the perfect class but they are well rounded and wanted by every one in groups. There are a bunch out there but not as many as ToS. Just keep in mind you are mainly a single target class. Yes you can aoe hit just by swinging but you will have to learn to position the mobs as close together so they can be hit by your weapon. If you get that downo then you can take down 3 mobs at the exact same rate. Add to that your stun abilities and you are good to go.
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