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Default Long lasting DPMS problems

I've been trying to use 'xset dpms force off' for years. It still doesn't work reliably for me.

Basically, it usually works, but after a few hours, the monitor may wake up all by itself. There's no picture, the monitor either says "no input", or shows an out-of-sync messed up picture. After a few minutes the monitor may (or may not) shut down again only to wake up later.

Sometimes, the monitor enters this state right from 'xset dpms force off'. Also happens if the monitor went off due to dpms timeout, not an explicit xset.

I've had two monitors, both of which show this problem: HP p1130 (fairly new 20" trinitron), Panasonic Panasync 5G/Pro (older 17"). I've had three nVidia cards: Creative Gerforce256, Elsa GeforceDDR and now a Geforce440MX.

I've tried almost all the driver version (not the newest yet), right now I'm using 1.0-4363. For few last years the problem has persisted. (ISTR some earliest 0.9 drivers had DPMS broken altogether, and before that I *think* it worked better.)

Kernel 2.4.21-jam (tried numerous), XFree86-4.3.0-13 (tried numerous).

Anybody seen anything similar?

Where might the problem lie? What could I try?
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