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not only according to Nvidia but also according to Mercury Research.
I followed every report from them.
Since R300 was launched ATI did not gain even 1% of market share at Nvidia's expense.
All they gained since then was 1 to 2 % over that whole period at the expense of some smaller companies like SIS, VIA and so on.

That is pretty bad if you ask me. As i said. I Haven't seen any semiconductor company gaining so little with such a lead.
As you know there is no lead anymore.

Nvidia is at full acceleration at this time.
DX9 from top to bottom and new products will come very soon.
No R360 one man show in fall. NV36 around the corner.
And of course they will accept lower profits in order to prevent ATI gaining market share.
Well with 1 billion dollars in cash and years with huge profits they can afford that pretty long but won't need it.
It will take only a few quaters until they can increase their prices and margins again.

ATI had a big chance during the last quaters but unfortunatly they did not everything right to profit from it (Radeon9500 and Radeon9200 series)
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