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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
Yeah, flight simming has always attracted an older age group for some reason, which is why it generally has a nicer atmosphere - though you still see some bitter arguments rage at Avsim and, with these [older] men that should know better 'throwing their toys out of the pram' .. FSW is without doubt the youngest of the FS forums, which is why it is the only place the 'cloud wars' rumbles on. I like it though, as there is a lot of enthusiasm there, and you don't tend to get massive threads on really tedius subjects, that I couldn't give a toss about.

Not wishing to start a 'water wars' but here is a couple of nice shots showing some FEX water, during theme testing, somewhere off of Queensland.

Great looking little helo Omzig - will have to give it a you have a link?...
the link under the pic i posted takes you to the creators website
but the Lite (freeware) version of the pyro can be found at

Nice water shots are those from the upcoming FEX update? i read peter saying that the next major update is clouds and other bits and pieces will follow

Ive been making a few new replacement water textures myself for DX10 (not with fex but with PS and normal map filters)as the extra 3 layers MS added to the DX10 water shader are pixel'ed to hell and FEX doesnt alter these as yet....i did ask over at the FEX support forums if they where going to address this but my post was totally ignored....Seems there not to happy with the stuff i posted at FSW about FEX looking like a dead project because they havent updated there website since last Oct!

Originally Posted by Lith1um View Post
I think the Avsim community has a substantial number of users who are pilots. But it can be a bit stuffy there and some of the mod's can be overzealous. And they want it to be a happy - happy place without a discenting voice so censorship can be a bit much at times.

And I'm 41.
Yet the mods over at AVsim are mega brownnosers,i still use there library but after the last batch of PT god worshiping an bashing/banning of ppl with legitimate complains i avoid there forums,that one mod they have geffo (i think) has his head so far up his ass its starting to poke out of his neck again

& Im 34 btw just incase anyone was wondering
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