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Default Re: GTX280 CRYSIS 1920*1200 VH Average FPS Reached to 36.81!

Originally Posted by heatlesssun View Post
When it comes to nVidia GPU's Faud from Fudzilla is usually correct actually. Actually, this is the first real contradiction I've seen in all the rumors. I must admit that 4AA on one GTX 280 at 1920x1200 would be far more than I would have ever believed so I'm inclinded to believe Fudzilla on this one.
I put about as much faith in sites like fudzilla as I do a random post on a message board. Mind you, I also don't believe the GTX280 would be able to pull 4xAA@1920x1200 in Crysis on VH, but that's simply me not putting much weight in any pre-release info.
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