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Default Network slowdown.

We have a DSL line with a speed rating of 1.5meg/128kb down/up speed. It's usually normal and fast. A Netopia R910 router sits between the DSL modem and our private LAN. We have 2 VPN connections setup to 2 offices in other cities. Whenever someone at one of the other offices uses a shared directory and works or dowloads large >2 meg files or looks at their email with Outlook which then has to transfer emails with large attachements from Exchange on our LAN to the other offices, the network here slows to a crawl.

I've checked the Netopia and it seems to indicate a lot of network collisions as the collision light on the Router blinks red every few seconds. I check the Netopia using telnet to log in and the CPU load on the router is hovering around 90-100%. Our upload bandwidth is also probably loaded up to it's max I'm guessing as well. I've also made sure no system in our LAN is using the network during that time, but the network is still very slow.


1. Would network collisions cause that much of a load on the Router?
2. Why?
3. How would I go about resolving it other than increasing our outbound internet connection speed?
4. Would a new more powerful router handle the collisions better?

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