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Default Re: Network slowdown.

Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
This router doesnt support QOS, i would look at purchasing a new boarder router with more advanced features. Really whats killing your router is the VPN connections. why not setup a linux box with squid on it, then you can have full control over, logging and other more advanced settings.

1. Would Squid running on a Linux box acting as a proxy server also able to create and sustain VPN tunnels? Or would the VPN tunnels need to be created behind the proxy?
2. Having to change all the workstations we have to use the proxy server for internet access is not something I'd like to be doing. Many of the systems we use(notebooks) are setup for VPN point-to-point remote access as well.
3. Would a more advanced router fix the issue even though our bandwidth is still limited?
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