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Originally posted by Matthyahuw
all scores are phony now, no one should be going by it...
this is true to some extent by people who overclock. The problem is 3dmark appears to be VERY senstitive to FSB being above 133. And there is some cheeziness to scores sometimes.

Case point: I get about 9600 in 3dmark. A guy I found on the forums got 8600 with an AMD Duron + fsb of 144mhz and a R8500 64ddr. Clearly his system is weaker than mine, yet he only fell a 1000 points behind. This has mostly to do with his FSB, and because he didnt even run half the tests. So I tried running only the tests he run, and behold I gained 200 points myself.

So are there "cheaters" out there, to some extent yes. Is it always intentional, in the case of overclockers no, unless they're knowingly messing with their FSB making their system only stable for a couple minutes so that they can get that 3dmark up just a little higher... LOL
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