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Default Re: nVidia driver + hibernate = no go?

Ok, update again...

173.14.05: story doesn't seem nice, suspend works and hibernate too, but now (oposed to 173.08 beta) both show CPU soft lockup in F9 and Debian Lenny, which is annoying, with Fedora8 suspend seem to work as stated prevously.

However I installed drivers from Lenovo (149.10.29 for Suse Linux) on Fedora8 32bit and hibernate and suspend works brilliant, no crashes, it's fast, no lockups, but it's only for 32bit, which I can't use because of other reasons.

So, I'm starting to give up on this, I have to work, not playing around settings, config files, kernels etc.

I suspect that I'll return only, when other issues with 32bit will be resolved or Lenovo will release 64bit drivers for linux like systems.
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