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Default Re: Poor desktop performance with Riva TNT2 and legacy driver

From what I experienced, such old systems are supported only by free drivers not binary ones. If free driver suits you (for nVidia cards there are no HW accelerated free OS driver), use it otherwise more or less it's no-go.
Problem with binary ones are kernel and xorg versions, which almost always are incompatible with old binary drivers and vice versa. As companies (like nVidia, ATI) don't release drivers for old HW for recent kernels and xorgs, it's no-go.

It might be ok if You buy ATI (explanation below), but Intel I dunno, they have never had any decent discrete graphic card. There were some 730 or 740 cards (don't remember namings, thou ), but they didin't last long.

Big + for ATI is that free radeon driver supports some kind of acceleration, with free driver you can even run compiz, for instance, but I don't really know about 2D or Intel.
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