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Originally posted by Hellbinder
I dont think you understand what you are reading. that is DX9 hardware Shipped in Q2. not Dx9 hardware SOLD in Q2. Not to mention a lot of it shipped really LATE.

Further the marketshare information from Q1 is not *Fanboy BS*. Ati gained 1%, and Nvidia Lost 2%.

I would like to remind everyone that the same sources for this information were claiming that ATi had *shipped 1 million R300's* litterally months before it was an actual reality.
All this is really a mute point. I mean if I have learned anything in the last year it is that the big [N] knows how to BS. I am sure they hired all those Ex-Arthur Andersen accountants to cook there books. You really think you can believe earning statements? In the imortal words of [N]'s Haung... They must be smoking something hallucenigenic.
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