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Originally posted by jbirney
Well I disagree. Look at ATIs finical records. They go from losing money to their first profitable qrt in a long time!
yeah but too late.
What was it 12 Mio profits?
In the 3rd 02 it was +8 or something like that.
4th 02 it was -35
1st 03 -1 or 2
2nd 12 Mio.
That are their numbers since the R300 launch.
Still long way until they get even some percentage points back of all that money they lost in the past.

The point is - haven't gained any substantial marketshare is always a bad thing if your are the smaller one.
Once your competitor is back on track and Nvidia definatly is, your future depends on the competitors pricing.
As it was already said. Nvidia is willing to give some profits away and they can afford that.

ATI can't. It does not need much to bring them back in red numbers.
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