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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Slides View Post
Does anyone else get a crash in fsx and an error message accusing d3d9.dll of causing it? I've reinstalled drivers etc.
I get it ever so often now mainly when i switch between fullscreen and window modes in DX10,for myself ive also found that having the Nhancer service running exaserbate the problem so ive taken to setting Nhancer up for FSX and then killing it

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
Some FEX SHD clouds.
Nice shots from the upcoming FEX update there SJA06,Ive read that they hope to have it out before this coming weekend i cant wait to try it out i would have jumped on the beta team but i just dont do the whole MSN messenger thing

Some of the 4096x4096 cloud formations look really stunning in the shots ive seen posted but i've also seen some that look really over tweaked like someone has gone to town with PS's auto contrast & sharpen filter!,thankfully its all going to be user controllable

Are there any shots of the new UI about or are you all forbiden from posting any?

I signed up for the FEX com forums the other day but its still down due to a DNS problem they had just now in just waitting for my ISP to catch up.....

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