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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by nrdstrm View Post
Very strange Muya. Maybe it's the specific server your on? I'm currently in Cornall and have never crashed there. In fact, I've only crashed once in the game period. That was the first day (launch). My specs are in my sig except I now have Vista 64 and 4 GB of ram. I'm a level 30 Demonologist...

**EDIT** Just realized I'm on Set as well...We should group up sometime...I'm normally on at night PST (unless laker game like tonight). My name is Corbijn...
You are very lucky then. The vast majority of people still have crash problems do to memory leaking. I can look at my log and see all 4 gigs or RAM being used up just before the crash. My system is very much like yours except I have 8800gts in SLI. Not much a difference there unless SLI is the problem but then again I am having memory problems not video card problems.

Oh am Muya is coming over to Omm server with us because Set server is for poo earter. True story.
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