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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by zer0
is it better than knights of the old republic?
Same developer, so it still has it's roots that are similar. Take out the Stars Wars references, and you pretty much have Mass Effect.

If you liked KOTOR, then this game should definately be on your "to play" list. I think KOTOR was awesome, so I felt right at home when I played ME. The Paragon/Renegeade alignment system is pretty much a play off of the Light Side/Dark Side choices from KOTOR, so it's definately something we're all familiar with from Bioware games.

Instead of Force Powers, we get Biotics. We still get the two party members in the group and love interest storylines. The only thing that's not the same is the ending. In KOTOR the ending was drastically different depending on your choice of alignment. spoiler highlight - In Mass Effect, the ending is still pretty much the same aside from a few differences on your choice prior to the last scene. - end spoiler

If anything, hit up YouTube or something and check out some videos. Then you can get a better idea on what the game is about.

Originally Posted by jeffmd
RE4 is sort of a FPS, but its hack and slash elements + platforming make it pretty much an action platformer. Guns play a very small role.
You seriously have never played it, have you?
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