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Default Re: Network slowdown.

1. Would Squid running on a Linux box acting as a proxy server also able to create and sustain VPN tunnels? Or would the VPN tunnels need to be created behind the proxy?
yes, its just that its more then just squid.It's a little more complex then that. I would probably go with an all in one router that can do all of the features you need. I dont know if you know cisco, no one ever lost there job going with cisco.

2. Having to change all the workstations we have to use the proxy server for internet access is not something I'd like to be doing. Many of the systems we use(notebooks) are setup for VPN point-to-point remote access as well.
actually if you setup your network with DHCP, you can just make the changes within that protocal.

3. Would a more advanced router fix the issue even though our bandwidth is still limited?
yes, i think your problem is that the router that you have now doesnt support QOS and is on the slow side of things.

I dont know what size your office is but i would go with a cisco 2600xm series router.
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