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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig View Post
Nice shots from the upcoming FEX update there SJA06,Ive read that they hope to have it out before this coming weekend i cant wait to try it out i would have jumped on the beta team but i just dont do the whole MSN messenger thing

Some of the 4096x4096 cloud formations look really stunning in the shots ive seen posted but i've also seen some that look really over tweaked like someone has gone to town with PS's auto contrast & sharpen filter!,thankfully its all going to be user controllable

Are there any shots of the new UI about or are you all forbiden from posting any?

I signed up for the FEX com forums the other day but its still down due to a DNS problem they had just now in just waitting for my ISP to catch up.....
The over-tweaked look you are probably seeing is the new 'extreme' look that you can create with the new GUI - these were produced by request from FEX users who want something a bit more dramatic. I have built a few sets using them, and they can look striking, but not so realistic, esp. from a distance...up close they look awesome at times, but I prefer the more natural looking sets myself.

We can't post shots of the UI yet, but current FEX users will feel at home with it.
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