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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345 View Post
Many crashes are overheating problems I know I had them in this game.
That isn't the problem. It is using up all resources and crashing due to a lack of memory. When a game uses 4 gig of RAM, there is a problem with the game.
AoC uses you graphic card more than any other game + its summer now.
My card was frying when I looked at the temps. So I took it out cleaned it off and havent crashed once since.
Ummm not I live in Washington state. It has been upper 50s here for the temp. So no it isn't heat.
People always blame the game first when something is wrong. But most of the time its your hardware and drivers.
This is what people way when they don't know what they are talking about. It is also what people say when they do not have the problem which still means you don't know what you ar talking about.

THEN! they post posts like this to make them selves look even more "in the know" but it is a failed attempt because the game has problems and it is widely known.

Like the crappy fps some people were getting after one patch all of them blamed funcom that they did something wrong with the patch. It turned out all of those people were using crap drivers.
Yes that makes sense. You are using the same drivers. Then a new patch comes out and suddenly your drivers are now crap. Brilliant! Remind me to call you for tech support....

If you dont know how to use a pc then plz play console games
Pc games arent push play and lay back in the couch
Your mom is push and play into the back of the couch.

Seriously, your post is useless and a prime example of why I hate gamers and people in general on the internet.
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