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I could have sworn that I read that Nvidia had lost 1-2% and Ati had gained 1%.

Oh well..

Still does not change the fact that % of products shipped does not = % of market.

This also just goes to show you that Nvidia can Lie, Cheat, steal, and probably kill people.. and for some reason the masses still think they are the best. Just like they have gotten away with stringing people along for nearly a year inticing them to *wait for the 9700pro killer*.. becuase its obviously going to be better etc etc. Yet even the 5900U is inferior in Dx9 performance and other features. Does it matter? no....

There was a lot of talk that Nvidia was having troubble signing any of the big OEMs over the last year, most of which went with ATI cards. Still.. I think the magority of OEM systems that use add in cards ship with Some flavor of MX card.

At any rate, ATi profits are up, they are gaining some ground, and they still have the bets overall DX9 hardware for sale. i think as more developers begin to endorse ATi the market share will continue to slowly eek towards a closer median.
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