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Originally posted by Dnzauker
Just another question I was abuot to forget: when I compiled the drivers self-handedly, should I put myself the newly compilde NVdriver in /lib/modules/(blah blah)/video or was it done automatically by "make install"?
It should have been done for you by make install.

The "module name" "nvidia" that you use in XF86Config-4 isn't really a module name, it's a driver name. If you look in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers, there's an "nvidia_drv.o" file. This is what Driver "nvidia" is referencing. The actual kernel module that gets loaded, though, is called NVdriver. This isn't, BTW, coded into nvidia_drv.o, either. You have to either have it loading on every boot, or make changes to /etc/modules.conf so that it gets loaded when nvidia_drv.o tries to access it ("alias char-major-195 NVdriver" or "alias /dev/nvidia* NVdriver" should work, depending on whether you have devfs running or not).
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