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Default Re: GTX280 CRYSIS 1920*1200 VH Average FPS Reached to 36.81!

Originally Posted by Ambrose View Post
Why do people want to use AA anyway? It doesn't help that much and the trees and foliage still look awful.

Just use EdgeAA for virtually no performace hit and voila, you have great performace AND great FPS. Problem solved.
Wrong, u can use Transparency AA for the foliage and vegetation just fine and it'll look great. Then why ppl wanna use real AA is because it makes the game look alot better. And also the EdgeAA in crysis doesn't look good imo, it makes stuff blurred and kinda fat-looking.

Now, i find this information very interesting. It seems that one GTX 280 just have 8 FPS lower than two 9800Gx2's in Quad-SLI in crysis at Veryhigh in 1920x1200, that's pretty sick! Imagine those in SLI or even 3-way SLI, OMG!

I base this on this Quad-SLI crysis benchmark over here:

44 FPS average with the dual Gx2's and 36 FPS with a single GTX 280, that's great! Soon we can max out crysis
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