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i think wheter we like others IHV's or not ,WE NEED the competition..
the more the better ,i remember few years ago when my friend bought a P3 500mhz for $850 +S$H (with his tecnnician discount) in a authorized distribrution dealer in US.. in less than a year , another friend was selling me his old P3 500 for only $50 . , ( later i remember the P31ghz in the first weeks when it was new the insane cost was beyond $1000

its competition the only thing that push lower prices in very short time .without AMD sucessfull ATLon XP's ,INTel will still be selling desktop CPUs beyond $1,000. same with ATI and NVidia.. without AMD incoming 64bits processors we will be paying insane sums of money THousands for something similar. not only competitions keep prices more competitive ,but they also keep substantials improvements in features and performance too.the competiton of R300 lowered the prices of Geforce4's like never in the history.. a gf4ti200 64megs ~$75 .todays latest VIdeo cards cost $500 ,look again the prices when ATI and Nvidia release in 6-8 months their R400 and Nv40. and fx5900ltra and radeon9800pro for ~ $250 and maybe lower. by the way ATI and Nvidia release video cards it looks now that we are in a 3 month cycle

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