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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Great shots sillyeagle i really like the cut down framing,thats a killer piece of freeware & btw did you get "BIRDS 7 The GOLD Valley" addon for this area? if not its worth a download as it adds flocks of birds to the area very cool

I know what you guys are saying about the FEX/REX thing

FEX is great ive used it since its relase week and it adds a lot to the sim & i think the SHD cloud updatre get it matching what ive seen from REX in the Sky but tims water textures look somuch better,i know that that peter & chris have something coming water wise so i can imagine its very hard to make a choice at the moment

It seems they both have plus's so as SJA06 says it might be worth dropping for both and chopping and changing parts (i did this with ASX & FEX for a while) & having both in the market is a very good thing for us as it will keep both dev's on there toes in the feature depatment,no dout FEX's upcoming update was put together to compete with REX(i dout it would have been free with out REX on the horizon) and im sure FEX has inspired Tim to add things to REX

I just have to ask with all these cool addon's that really push FSX to the edge Does Aces have the talent to make FSXI look even 1/2 as good?

BTW Nubee get well soon!
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