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Default Politikrap

I have a suggestion, since I know vB supports it...

The political threadcrapping in OF is driving me crazy. Just about everything gets turned into a political pissing contest, regardless of what the thread was even about. While there are some threads that you know going into are political (I avoid those), seeing vamp's romp about calling out teh 1337 ROM hax0rs be hijacked and turned into a debate over the free world's contributions is, well, tiring.

Anyway, I was wondering if I could recommend the use of the Split and Merge functions to clean up the politikrap that's soaking the fun out of OF? I'm almost afraid to go in there anymore. It wouldn't be that hard to strip out the random acts of jingoism and merge them into a thread called "Political Debate" or something similar.

Just trying to preserve the fun for everyone...
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