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Default Re: NVidia and XRandR 1.2

Originally Posted by DeFKnoL View Post
I have a three monitor / 2 video card system. The strong video card (7600) is running the center screen while the other cards' (Quadro4 NVS290) dual DVI out is running the side screens. Twinview could not do this since it needs the screens from one card to be next to each other. SO I use GDM with a triple X-server setup - I switch between them with the virtual console switching (ALT+F7-F9):

- F7: Each Monitor is a separate desktop - no dragging works between the winodws and all windows from the same application have to stay in the same window. But at least I can get all monitors working at the same time and have some graphics acelleration (opengl)

- F8: Full Xinerama support where all three monitors run the same desktop. I can drag windows across monitors - but no graphics acceleration

- F9: Only the center monitor works and has full graphical acceleration. Basically, the other two monitors and second card are wasted - but I can play opengl games here that can't handle the mouse leaving the screen.

I get the impression that with XRandR, I could have graphics acceleration in the F8 scenario that might remove the need for the other two servers.
yep, i have a similar solution to the problem. Just kinda bothers me that we have to go through hoops to solve a problem that has had a solution written into the Xorg spec for around a year now.
it would be really cool if nvidia implemented randr 1.2 so we could throw our hacks away and use a compositing window manager on more than 2 screens.
but, maybe I'm wrong, however, we would never know, because nvidia doesn't really post any information as to what they are up to.
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