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Default Re: AMD 9850 X4 Overclocking!

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX View Post
so how dopes a phenom @3.0Ghz do against a E8400 ing ames and stuff?

is it worth going to AMD from Intel?
Honestly I don't know...I haven't used an Intel CPU in about 6 years.

I had a 6400 Black edition Running at 250*13 for 3.25ghz before the phenom.....I've noticed that in some areas the 9850 @ 3.0ghz is slower than the dual core AMD 6400 @ 3.25ghz but the overall "snappiness" and speed of the system seems to have increased substantially.

Steam and CS:S now load about 10 seconds quicker....and it only took 25 seconds with the 6400+.

If you Currently have a S775 Mobo I would not recommend any AMD CPU.

For me this was a bios flash drop in updgrade from dual to quad core. (pretty much a no brainer)



After many hours in Memtest86 I've finally settled on:

3.0ghz 200X15
Ram @ 800mhz 4-5-5-12-1T(that's right cmd rate on)
vdimm 1.8v
vcore 1.30v
all other settings stock except PEG Link mode= Disabled

Idle temp 28'C Full Load temp 44'C (Lower temps today the thermal compound must've cured)

note: the system was several hours prime stable with a vcore of 1.275, however OCCT would crash in less than 1 minute(OCCT more demanding than prime??????), this led me to increase vcore until I could easily complete the OCCT testing system. Memory stability was confirmed using several passes of test 5 and test 8 from a Memtest86 boot cd. Since the system will easily boot windows @3.2 and 3.3ghz I'm sure that with additional vcore and better cooling the chip would break 3.5ghz. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the results
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