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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
That's what I'm thinking too as it would make a WHOLE lot more sense to me that way, but I don't speak Korean.
I'm korean. so I can read korean

I'll tell the truth..

yes. Ati is in trouble in korea..

manufacturers of ati gfx card are considering to sale factory

because, do you know NC soft?

,publisher and developer of on line game 'lineage',

sells ASUS dual DVI fx5600 at special price for USD120 to promote

their new 3d game 'lineage2'

so sales of ati card drops significantly..

but that's not whole reason..

historically, 'geforce' has dominant marketing name value in korea..

take look at the retail market share table..

all of oem PC have nv based gfx card and

gf4ti 4200 is NO.1 retail card

Abit is7-e, 2.4C@3.12,
dual channel ddr 256*2
5900xt core:470 mem:950
My english skill is poor.

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