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Default Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

I just thought this could be a useful thread for those interested in the topic. I've been running Leopard on the system in my sig for several months now. I know six_storm has just joined the ranks and there's quite a few others with some interest. Anyways, post benchmarks, questions, configs, whatever. Just no stuff you know. For the record I have a legal copy of Leopard and I strongly suggest that anyone installing OSX on their PC go out and buy a retail copy.

So, tomorrow I think I'm going to update to 10.5.3. I thinking of just doing a complete reinstallation. I'm still a little unfamiliar with how the driver system works and I'd just like to start off fresh. What's great is the whole process takes significanly less time than installing Vista. I'm expecing my geekbench performance to improve in 10.5.3. I currently get 8032 in the 64bit benchmark. I'll try to post some 32bit and 64bit benchmarks with comparisons to similarly configured Apple machines.
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