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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Ok, So I have put in 20 hours or so into the game now so heres my impressions of the game as of now.

It's probably the best MMO on the market right now. I have not been so hooked in a MMO since the original Everquest. I love the atmosphere and the lore behind the game. They really followed it all well without screwing up anything related to conan.

The combat mechanics in the game are amazing, it's what DDO should have been. This is the best combat system in any MMO right now. I don't know how group combat is yet but that is my worry right now, it could be too chaotic for some of the heavy combo based classes.

They took alot of things from other MMOs and improved them. It's easy to get into and yet has alot of depth. Yeah there are problems with the game (agro system is totally ****ed) but they can be cleaned up as the game gets older. I can really see myself playing this game for a long time as long as they don't mess with anything. I don't want to see port spells or anything silly that doesn't belong in the conan lore.

Over all, top notch MMO.
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