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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

After upgrading to xorg 7.3_2 and nv 2.1.8_1, I have NO monitor support aside from vesa. To all of those who use the nv driver and deride it's abilities, be glad you have something that works. Most of my graphics on FreeBSD/amd64 are watching movies, and sometimes xorg over a wireless network, so no expectation of decent performance. Maybe it's just having a widescreen monitor, but the nv driver fails, horribly. Without setting `#Option "NoAccel" "true"` and `Option "CrtcNumber" "true"` it pretty much locks up the graphics.

If performance isn't great for some "kernel capability" reasons(and the driver does run in kernel mode, right?), why not just something that works?!

The motherboard is a Via K8M800, the video card is a GeForce 6200, and the monitor an Acer X191W. I know the card works since it works under ubuntu/i386(even though the nv driver doesn't work, the nvidia driver does), so all I'm really looking for is a driver that can make my GeForce 6200 beat my motherboard's graphics. Currently, on FreeBSD/amd64, Via's destroying Nvidia.

For some on this thread, it's "let's get a good performance driver," but for someone like me, it's "get something that works worth a damn."
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