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Default Re: No Patch = No Ultra Settings

Originally Posted by Spoudazo View Post
Maybe if we had a GPU maker that actually released faster cards Crytek would have a reason to release some more features!
2 8800 Ultras should really be more than enough for any game out right now, Crysis being the hardest hitter at the moment, especially when that rig is pulling 19,500+ scores from 3dmark06.

IMHO, it's lazy coding and not the current hardware, devs figure why bother to code 200 lines to make a bullet hole (just an example) when he can get away with 100 lines since the hardware can take up the slack.

plus, it's also great for getting people to spend big bucs on upgrades.

or a whole new rig, who knows for sure, but it's nuts that these monster rigs have low fps in any game.

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